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You won’t find them anywhere else


Most of our châteaux are exclusive to rent with our company. We are business developers and also house managers, we can set up the relevant management and activities for chateaux.



We personally know each property and its owner


Each chateau has been visited, and double visited by our team. We know every part of our chateaux because we want to be able to answer all your questions.

We are happy to say that we have a personal relationship with every owner, and most of them even became friends.


We select only a few chateaux that stick with our values


There are more than 33 000 chateaus in France… But only a few of them are in line with the experience we want to offer. That’s why we drive all around France to find those precious places for you.



Your stay won’t be a regular stay


Thankfully, staying in a chateau is always a great experience. We know that it can be motivated by a special occasion ( family trip, wedding, corporate seminar, workshop) but we also believe that it’s an opportunity to discover new local experiences in the chateau and the surroundings (Garden, Gastronomy, Music, Wine …)

Reinvent the castle lifestyle to keep the History moving...  
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